This year’s conference offers you various opportunities to advance yourself, your career / business through; Keynote Speeches, BreakOut/Workshop Sessions, Networking Groups and Table Exhibits / Presentations. The conference schedule is designed so that each delegate can choose from 9 carefully selected BreakOut/Workshop Sessions that will inspire and motive you to ‘get out of that rut’. The BreakOut/Workshop Sessions you can choose from are listed below. When you have decided which Sessions you’d like to attend, simply click on the Register button and fill out the form…

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Sessions & Topics

We’re excited to present the following speakers for our 2014 Conference. Check back often for additional speaker announcements.

Morning Session: 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.


Add Instant Equity To Your Company…with EASE! – The #1 Massive Mistake Even Smart Entrepreneurs Face That Keep Them Running Their Business With No Mental Clarity, Stressed Out And With Poor Performance.Integrated Nutrition
Presented by: Patricia Dominguez from Integrated Nutrition Canada

As an entrepreneur you are responsible of all areas of your business, from production, marketing, sales to development and implementation of programs and strategies, accounting, social media, and sometimes even dusting and cleaning!

Being self-employed is a big task, it requires dedication, passion and perseverance to succeed on your business goals. Managing your own business and coordinating this task with the rest of your roles in life (a wife, mother, daughter, friend, etc.) could be overwhelming. Sometimes you wish the day could have more hours!

In the fast-pace-life of a business women, she forgets that the biggest asset in her business/company is her health. The way she fuels her body is the way it will perform. For this reason as a Nutritionist and as a Life coach I have created a seminar to help business women how to fuel their body for optimal performance at physical and mental level.

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• 3 step strategy to start their day skyrocketing energy levels form morning to night.
• What is the #1 food that sabotages your energy?
• Superfoods and lifestyle options to reduce stress and increase mental clarity
• The difference between counting calories vs. nutrients and how to do it with ease!


DianeRolstonLogoStop Looking and Jump; Get over procrastination
Presented by: Diane Rolston from Diane Rolston Coaching

We all have things we want or even wish we could do. So why is it so common in running a business and even in going through life that we hesitate on doing them? To write that book, to lose weight, to have a loving relationship, whatever it is. The sad truth is we’re watching others move through life getting what we want. Instead of going for it, we are looking at the fear, the obstacles and just how hard it would be.

Do you ever feel like you are here: procrastinating, lacking confidence to move forward? ~ 20% of people admit to being a procrastinator. The number in reality is probably higher with more and more people using it to avoid success.

This session, will take you through the 5 steps to stop procrastinating so you can jump into action. You’ll get hands on in this session by participating and applying the tools directly to your life and business. You’ll also go through some coaching activities to provide some clarity to get closer to what you really want.

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• This session will teach you the 5 steps to beat procrastination
• You will recognize where you stop being in action and analyze why.
• Learn how to design the way you’ll be able to reach your full potential.



Tired of Wasting Time on Facebook?LogoColorTextBelow
Discover How to Convert your Time Spent on Facebook into Limitless Clients & dollars

Presented by: Sherri-Lee Woycik from Social Media Minder

Are you tired of wasting your time on Facebook, creating haphazard Facebook posts that result in little to no return on investment for your business? Would you like to have a clear plan of action for using Facebook to create limitless clients and dollars?

This presentation will show you how to strategically plan your time on Facebook so that you use less time for greater results.

Learn how to attract your ideal client, how Facebook ads can be a powerful and economical way to reach the right people and how you can get those people to engage in your content and take the actions you’d like them to. Stop wasting time on Facebook and start generating limitless clients and dollars today!

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• How to create attention getting content that converts.
• How to use Facebook ads to target your ideal customer.
• How to follow up with your leads that results in business.

Mid-Morning Session: 11:00 – 11:45 a.m.


Ramp Up Your RevenuesSuccessCchg
Presented by: Sue Clement from Success Coaching

Are you too crazy busy between marketing and serving clients, and yet your cash flow situation isn’t where you want? Perhaps you feel your earnings are limited because you’re selling your time for money and thought you’d be MUCH better off by now. You’re frustrated, and frankly a little at a loss as to exactly how to increase your revenues.

What seems to be the hold-up?

First of all, you should know that you’re not alone! As it turns out, most entrepreneurs fall into the “busy trap” of working hard but not making enough and chances are you may too!

Join us and discover specific strategies to increase your revenues… without working like a dog!

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• Four reasons why most entrepreneurs are not making enough money [you may be surprised at these]
• How to stop limiting your earnings – what to do when you’re selling your time for money… and you’re running out of time to sell!
• Three easy ways to increase your revenues this week …Yes! THIS week! [discover how to make more money without working 80 hours/week!]
• The key to being able to charge more money and attracting clients who are glad to pay it
• How to supercharge your revenues!


Online Marketing for Start-Up Preneurs:CC_m_logo_black
How to Create a Web Presence that Sells

Presented by: Emily Chow from Chow Communications

Online Marketing for Start-Up Preneurs is an interactive workshop designed to educate business owners on tried and true content creation, search engine optimization, community building and web design strategies that will build your brand equity and generate you leads online.

Participants will walk away with a tangible list of online marketing To-Do’s that they can take action on right away and on their own.

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• Content Creation Sweet Spots: How to make your content go viral.
• Website Design Tips & Tricks: How you can create a website that sells for you 24/7
• Search Engine Optimization: How you can apply SEO best practices to boost your rankings online.

Corry Staff

You Inc: My Business, My Money ~ Or IS it?c&c logo
Presented by: Corry L. Staff from Corry Staff Financial Group ~ Cocktails & Cash

Times have changed, but the more they change, the more they stay the same. There was a day when men went off to work and women stayed home and ran the household. Now women run successful and profitable businesses and men share the duties at home ~ sort of.

Many of today’s entrepreneurial women are meeting the challenges in the entrepreneurial business world while carrying a significant amount of the responsibility at home. So how do they make that work?

Both running a household and a business take a lot of planning. From grand plans of long term success and growth for your business, to managing life’s unexpected curveballs, and realizing the same applies to your family and kids.

Learning how to separate the two financially will be the first step to ensuring your household runs stress free from money issues.

I am here to help you with your plan. You know how to run you life. I will help you make the job much easier, by helping you to separate the two, even though they are so closely intertwined.

The seminar teaches small business owners the importance of keeping your personal and business finances separate at all times. Making sure you are fully covered for unexpected events that can have an impact on money coming in to both areas of your life, and assisting you in making sure you are thinking far enough ahead to plan for your long term financial goals.

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• Setting up and running your sole proprietorship.
• Covering your “ass”ets ~ managing cashflow ~ managing risk
• Your pension plan – thinking ahead to retirement.

Afternoon Session: 3:00 – 3:45 p.m.


Financial Fitness for Women EntrepreneursWSCU_Logo
Presented by: Jennifer Watts from Westminster Savings Credit Union

Intended to build financial acumen, we will discuss some basic strategies around managing the business and key financial steps, along with a broader conversation on access to capital and business planning.

Learning Objectives for this presentation are:
• Empower women business owners to grow.
• Build confidence and understanding of financial systems.
• Create a dialogue around any barriers to success and explore developing those financial muscles!


Develop Your ResilienceLWRhorLogo
Presented by: Melanie & Lynn Robinson from Life Without Regrets

Resilience is critical for business success and most people don’t realize it is a learned skill and the time to learn it is before you need it.

The difference between people who give up and those who achieve great success and are unstoppable in their business is their ability to bounce back and be resilient.

A business plan is great until an unexpected challenge comes up. Then what do you do?

No matter who you are, life is filled with challenges and change, both big and small. Some of the big ones can bring you to your knees.

How do you pick yourself up, carry on and thrive in your business and your life when this happens?

Even the little things can throw some people off their game; a spilled coffee, an unkind word from someone, an argument with your partner or an unhappy client.

How do you let that go so that you can be focused and fully present for the next interaction you have?

If you haven’t developed a strategy for resilience you’re going to sabotage your success.

In this interactive workshop Lynn and Melanie will give participants the tools to become resilient in any situation.

They will also inspire participants with a sense of hope and excitement for the future knowing they can overcome any challenge that comes their way and be unstoppable in their business success.

Learning objectives for this presentation are: 
• To understand the impact that resilience has on their business success.
• Learn tools to be resilient.
• Confident they have the resources to be unstoppable in their business.


5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Grow Your ProfitCarolWain_Logo_Final
Presented by: Carol Wain from Carol Wain International

Entrepreneurs, professional service providers and local business owners go into business to be their own boss, do what they love, have flexibility and make a decent living. We are full of great intentions and then reality hits. It could be on day 1, day 11, day 111, day 1,111 or even day 11, 111 – “this business” no longer works for us. It could be a disruption in the industry, it could be financial, it could be competition or changing needs – or it could be a monster of a business needing taming.

Carol Wain, Queen of Reinvention, guides you through a 45 min session to help you understand where you are today,
how you got here, where you want to be and some of the ways to get there. She’ll help you to understand how to
leverage what you already have and where to focus your efforts to truly differentiate yourself from your competition. Carol has created the FORCE Formula™ for business transformation and she’ll guide you through 5 surprisingly simple ways to Grow Your Profit by using it. Topics include Foundation | OperaCons | Reach | Customer Experience | Employee Experience

Learning objectives for this presentation are: 
• Understand your Foundation – what do you have to work with, how did you get here, where do you really want to go and what will it take to get there.
• Discover the only true differentiation between you and your competition.
• Learn how to leverage what you already have – expertise and relationships to get where you want to go.
• Identify ways to be a better employer.
• Streamline your operations for consistency and freedom.

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