About the Conference

Let our Keynote Speakers and Breakout/Workshop Presenters Inspire you to…

Grow Your Business/Career.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning. ~ Benjamin Franklin

To have a successful Business/Career, one must continue growing. You need to take risks, continuously learn new strategies and applications, and set goals to help you reach the next level. DARE TO THRIVE! Women in Business Conference has been organized to help you do just that.

Designed for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who want to advance their career or grow their business by proactively pursuing their own professional and personal development, DARE TO THRIVE! Women in Business Conference will help you:

  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Increase your marketing your skills
  • Get noticed by clients, peers and your industry
  • Grow your business and market share
  • Enhance your likelihood for promotion

Connect and Network with peers…

It really helps to know what success is before you get there, and if you know, then you can head right for it.
For some people, it’s the most money. For some, it’s the most power. For some, it’s the most girlfriends.
Everybody’s got a measure. For me, I guess it’s having the respect and admiration of your peers. ~ Gordon Bethune

By joining us at DARE TO THRIVE! Women in Business Conference, you will find yourself surrounded with the latest information, tools and people who can help you:

  • Refocus your career and business goals
  • Get out of your rut or grow you to the ‘next level’
  • Connect with the RIGHT people and communities to support you in your next steps

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. ~ Paul Ryan

Whether you are an employee, manager, entrepreneur or an emerging leader, DARE TO THRIVE! offers you energetic presenters, delightfully relevant topics and the chance to advance yourself and your career while connecting with other inspiring business women.

From the moment you enter the fabulous Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Theatre venue, you should be geared up to network, network, network. Don’t let this opportunity to connect with women you’ve been dying to meet, pass you by. Colleagues, mentors, peers and idols – could all be in the same room as you! This is the perfect chance to; ask what you’ve always wanted to, share your wins & losses, learn from other’s trials and errors and relish in the fact that you are not alone. Success is at your fingertips ~ it’s all up to you.

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